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Hill End, AUS
Home of Bullion
Prospect D
Prospect D "A"
Exploration Targets

  • Airtrac percussion drill holes in 1972:

    Line 93' W (A) from surface to 103 feet 2.44% Cu 0.41% Ni
    Line Zero (B) from surface to 96 feet 3.43% Cu 0.91% Ni
    Line Zero (C) from surface to 54 feet 5.77% Cu 0.21% Ni
    Line 100' E (D) from surface to 96 feet 3.32% Cu 0.11% Ni
    Includes 6 feet (52 feet to 58 feet) of 23.0% Cu 0.21% Ni

    See following map (Exhibit 4) for 1972 airtrac drill holes.

Project Priorities:

PROSPECTS D AND D "A" (Northern Territory, AUS)

  • Define ore reserves on prospects D and D "A". Prospect D "A" could be
    mined by open cut from surface on high grade oxidized copper-nickel to
    expose the underlying massive sulphide ore body (Prospect D).
  • Cost to feasibility; Prospect D $3 million Aus., Prospect D "A" $1 million Aus.


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